Astromaterials 3D puts real-time Apollo lunar samples and NASA’s Meteorite collections in the palm of your hand. I am the UX/UI designer on this project.

Check out the Astromaterials 3D website for more information on the technology used to make these samples available and the wonderful team I had the pleasure of working with. This project was conceptualized by Erika Blumenfeld. She had a vision for how people could interact with these samples – through the journey the samples took through time and space to the 3D version that users can explore. I worked with the amazing Ben Feist, who made the website and 3D explorer, to create an experience and design that met Erika’s vision.

This project won the 2021 NASA Johnson Space Center Exceptional Software Award and the 2021 NASA JSC Director’s Innovation Award. I’m incredibly proud of our A3D team!

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