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Learn about eLearning and Storyline as I explore different instructional and creative development ideas.

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Get step-by-step Articulate Storyline training courses for the beginner and beyond by subscribing to Master Storyline.

In this course, we explore how to build a custom branching scenario. We design and create a learning experience in Storyline where a restaurant employee helps an upset customer by resolving their problem. Branching scenarios put the learner in a situation which engages, challenges, develops experience, and allows users to be right and wrong (where they can learn from both). This leads to a better understanding, decision-making skills, and habits. Source files included.

Develop a course from start to finish, step-by-step, in Articulate Storyline. We look at instructional and design considerations, as well as development best practices for configuration, the user interface, how to put together layouts, interactions, knowledge checks, and set your project up to work with your Learning Management System (LMS). We will click File > New, and build this course all the way through. Source files, image files, and storyboard included.

Our just-in-time video library has step-by-step videos showing you how to build exactly what you need. It also includes tips, tricks, and best practices for building so many components, such as menus, layouts, tools, calculators, and games (to name a few). Find what you need, when you need it. Source files included.

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