eLearning Challenge #268 – Rube Goldberg Interaction

I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on this eLearning Challenge Practice Your E-Learning Animation Skills with Help from Rube Goldberg Machines #268, but had a few elements I wanted to experiement with.

Storyline would handle everything after the user drops the ball, so to speak. Motion paths, triggers, and a dial would make this project come to life. My favorite part of this project is a Pachinko style ball animation. As the ball bounces down, it can randomly go right or left (depending on a Storyline variable randomly selecting a 1 or 2). It came together quickly and I was happy with the results.

Check out this project at eLearning Locker: https://elearninglocker.com/portfolio-items/storyline-experiment-rube-goldberg/